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The Arab world has 22 countries divided into three distinctive sectors, five in Middle East, ten in North Africa, and seven in the Arabian Peninsula.

About 400 million Arabs living in the Arab world and 80 million more are spread out in Europe and around the world.

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SALT (Serving Arabs Leadership Team) Ministries

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SALT Ministries is a sub ministry of Person to Person Ministries and under the supervision of P2P director, Kerry Allen.

SALT's primary mission is to proclaim Christ to Arabs globally using modern technology. SALT Ministries main website is

George AlSalty, SALT Co-Founder & Director

George is from Salt, a city west of Amman, Jordan. As a child, he dreamed of coming to the United States for a better education and future. He promised God that if He granted this dream, he would serve in the ministry for the rest of his life. George came to Ohio as a teenager to study and after a few semesters, he was introduced to the New Testament teaching through a campus ministry. He accepted the call and was baptized.

As a very young Christian, he participated in the church planting in Amman, Jordan. After that summer, he returned to Cincinnati to finish his computer programming degree, followed by a business degree in finance. A year later, God made it clear that George needed to return to Jordan to help the church there. Since that summer of 1990, George has had in his heart God’s dream to serve his people (Email: Read more...

Xena AlSalty, SALT Co-Founder & Women's Program Director

Because of the war and persecution, Xena’s family left Iraq and traveled to Jordan as refugees like most of the Chaldean people. During their stay in Amman, she was invited to church where she studied the Bible and was baptized in 1995. At that time, a mission team was going to Baghdad to plant a church. Xena went with them and stayed for a year and a half, helping to lead the women in Baghdad, before returning to Amman, Jordan.(Email:

In 1997, George and Xena married. They served as missionaries in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Sudan. Since the needs of the Middle Eastern Christians are so great, they felt the need for advanced Biblical and counseling education. In 2009, they traveled back to the United States for advanced education and then established SALT in 2011.

SALT is a new model for Arab ministries that integrates technology at each phase of ministry, enabling missionaries, indigenous Christian leaders, and new converts alike to access training, education, and counseling services in both Arabic and English by qualified professionals. Read more...

SALT Services

"Gateways" Seminar

Gateways Seminar was designed to assist the local church in understanding the religion of Islam, Sharia Law, Jihad, women in Islam, and current events in the Arab world. George and Xena are available to speak to your community.

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