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  • If you are staying on the campgrounds - You must submit the registration form, medical release form for children & pay the registration fees.

  • If you are not staying on the campgrounds - There are no registration fees or forms required to attend camp.

  • If you have minor children that will be attending any programs even if you're not staying on the grounds, you must complete the Medical Release form.

Family Camp Registration 

You will submit the Registration Form & pay the registration fee here

We would be willing to help in one or more of the following areas during Family Camp:


and my family have read and understand what is expected of us concerning the policies and guidelines implemented by the Trustees of Person to Person Ministries and will adhere to them during our stay at Restoration Acres. We understand that failure to abide by these rules and others implemented hereafter can result in us having to leave. The undersigned shall be solely responsible for and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless P2P, its Trustees, consultants, agents, partners, employees, successors, volunteers, other representatives, and/or any other person acting on its behalf (the "Indemnitees") from and against all claims, suits actions, judgments, warranties, injuries, damages, losses, costs, expenses, demands, obligations and liability of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to attorney's fees and costs of defense caused by, arising out of, in connection with, or resulting from any alleged act or omission of P2P or the Indemnitees.

Office Use Only
Date Received: _________
Payment: _________
Order Number: _________
Lot Number: _________
Personnel: _________
Hillsboro Family Camp Child Registration (age 2 through grade 6)

ID bracelets for pre-registered children are included in your information packet you will receive at the front gate when you arrive at Family Camp.

Camping Registration Fees

a) Tents, Pop ups and other portable units (non self-contained) - $40.00 per lot.

b) Recreational Vehicles (self contained) up to 30 feet - $45.00 per lot.

c) Recreational Vehicles (self contained) 31 feet and above - $55.00 per lot

Enter the amount x how many lots you are buying into the box below


Thanks for submitting! Please ensure you fill out the Medical Release Form below for each child!

Medical Release/Minor Consent

**You must submit this form for every child**

First-Aid Clinic

Consent to Treat Minor-Patient without Parent/Legal Guardian Present

By law, any child under the age of 18 years old cannot be seen by a nurse/doctor without consent from a parent or legal guardian.

For those occasions when you may not be with your child, please list those individuals who may give us consent to see your child:

It is always recommended that a consenting adult accompany a minor when receiving medical care but in the event of an emergency; consent may be given to provide 1st aid or emergency care to the minor child.

This consent shall be in effect for the following dates: July 24-27, 2023

Authorization: I

Request and authorize The First Aid Clinic at Family Camp and its personnel to deliver first-aid medical care to my child listed above as may be deemed necessary or advisable in the diagnosis and treatment of the minor child. I have read, understand, and give my consent as stipulated above. My signature means that I have read this form and understand this form.

Please make sure you submit this form for each child. Thank you!

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